Reworked my “tags” for both the Zazzle, Etsy and Fine Art America shop/stores. Here’s a sample of  whimsical cat and/or Sumi-e cat “tags” I researched by checking other artist’s shops/stores:  Asian, Baby bird, Bird,  black and white, black cats, block printing, blooms, bonsai, brush painting, cat, cats, cat Sumi-e, black and white cat, black cat pictures, black kitten, black white cat, , brush painting, bunny, butterflies, cat art, cat cartoon, cat drawing,  cat drawings, cat eyes,  cat illustration, cat illustrations, cat lady, cat lover, cat painting,  cat watercolor, cartoon,  cartoon cat, cartoon kitten, Chinese,  Christmas,  Christmas cat, Christmas kitten, collage, cute,  drawings of cats, Enso, feline,  felines, fish,  flora,  flowers,  frog, frogs, fun loving, goldfish, good luck, greeting,  Halloween, Halloween black cat, happy, heart, hearts , humor, illustration, illustrations, ink, ink painting, insects,   Japanese, Kanji,  kitten, kitten cartoon, kitties, kitty, kitty cartoons, koi,  landscapes, linoleum block print, love, luck, , lucky, lucky cat, magic,  magick, mice, mystical,  nature, nest,  pets, , rabbits,  romping cat ,  Sumi-e, sumi,  sumi ink, turtles, Valentine,  watercolor, watercolor pencil,  whimsy, whimsical, wild animals, yarn, zazzle cats, Zen, x-mass
Then I selected these – CATS – Zazzle store – images on various merchandise

Asian “brush painting” cat cats “cat Sumi-e”  “Japanese brush painting” “cat art” “cat cartoon”  “cat drawing”  “cat drawings”  “cat eyes”  “cat illustration” “cat illustrations” “cat lady”   “cat lover” “cat painting”  “cat watercolor” cartoon  “cartoon cat” “cartoon kitten” Chinese  cute  “drawings of cats” feline  felines “fun loving”  happy  humor  illustration  illustrations  ink “ink painting”  Japanese  kitten “kitten cartoon” kitties kitty “kitty cartoons”  “lucky cat” magic  mystical neko,  pets playful   “Sumi-e” sumi “sumi ink”  whimsy whimsical “ zazzle cats” Zen  sumi  “color ink” moggie,

and for CATS WHIMSY Fine Art America – images printed on cards, posters, canvas:

Asian, brush painting, cat, cats, cat Sumi-e, cat pictures, cat art, cat cartoon, cat drawing,  cat drawings,   cat illustration, cat lover, cat painting,  cartoon cat, cartoon kitten, Chinese, cute,  drawings of cats, feline,  felines, happy, humor, illustration, illustrations, ink, ink painting, Japanese, kitten, kitten cartoon, kitties, kitty, kitty cartoons, lucky cat, neko, pets, playful,  Sumi-e, sumi,  sumi ink,  whimsy, whimsical, zazzle cats, Zen,  sumi  color ink,

I also change the cat color or add: mice, yarn ball, ball of yarn, knitting,  yarn, black and white, magick, tiger cat,

“black cats” “black and white cat” “black cat pictures”  “black kitten”  “black white cat” black cat

And for Etsy – PMC jewelry:

This is the list I made when researching other Etsy metalwork/jewelry shops plus some of my descriptive words…

Japanese inspired,  jewelry, keepsake,  metalsmith, metalwork, nature inspired, necklace, original, oxidation,  pendant, Autumn, Japanese goddess, oak leaves

earth, maple, nature, oak,  tree, woodland

materials: fine silver,  patina, silver pendant,  rolled leather necklace,  Precious Metal Clay, PMC

rustic, rugged, special gift,  unique,

Love, romantic, heart,     unisex, two toned,

gems,  semiprecious, agate, stone, hand stamped,

sparkle, cubic zirconia, meditation

Ring, band, earrings, dangle, silver lotus, flower, ohm, peace yoga inspired,

Anniversary, bridesmaid, bride, bridal, engagement, wedding, wedding shower

Etsymetalteam   wire wrapped, sterling silver, hand stamped, personalized


Then I narrowed it down to these thirteen – Etsy only allows 13 tags:

jewelry, pendant, metalwork, japanese inspiredjewelry, keepsake, metalsmith, metalwork,

nature inspired, necklace, original oxidation pendant, Autumn, goddess, oak leaves

and for materials:

fine silver, patina, silver pendant, rolled leather necklace, Precious Metal Clay, PMC, PMC cast face

Extraneous observations:

I also know that networking within these online shops is important for connections so I periodically go in and select favorite “items” and/or “fan” shops that I like…

This cyber networking takes up a lot of time… so far only a few sales on and I haven’t had any sales on [need to update images/product – they limit the # of items. your choice is to have multiple stores or pay a fee per month for more images on one shop] and I’ve had plenty of lookers on Fine Art America.

The recommendation is to add a couple new products and/or images each week.  I forgot what research said about the best day to post new items… so much to remember.

Well I hope this helps someone starting out on an online shop/store.  I’m still learning and comments/suggestions are welcome!