Now that I recently changed/added more “tag” words to my Zazzle products….  they have decided that you can only use 40 tag words.  Listed below are the update/changes.

What are the updates?
		To improve the Zazzle site experience, we are doing the following:
Tags: We've streamlined the process of adding tags to your products by limiting the tag inputs to 40 total.
Categories: In order to make the category browsing better, we've reorganized and updated category structures and removed the Public Category 2 field.
Maturity Rating: We will be asking sellers to double check their maturity ratings to ensure a safe environment for all ages.
More details below

What does this mean for you?
Before Wednesday, September 28th, 2011: You can start getting your stores ready for the updates by modifying tags, categories, and maturity ratings, if necessary. See below for more details.
After Wednesday, September 28th, 2011: Review your products and verify product categories.
Happy to say I have sold another product on Zazzle, sold my first pendent on my Etsy PMC shop and have a first sale on Fine Art America.
I have added new jewelry on Etsy and new images on Fine Art America [whimsical Sumi-e holiday cards, block print images and more].