wow – deadlines are heavy and inspiration evades me…

I didn’t go up to talk to the artists at 253 Collective in Tacoma, WA.  I asked some of my friends in Tacoma.  Apparently it’s a very small room/space and a hallway. So a friend who had talked about membership with them was worried about security.  They also seem to have a high turnover rate.  Right now I’m not wanting to drive to Tacoma and pay the small monthly fee.  Just too many classes cancelled this year, my car is getting older…   Many collectives and galleries are struggling let alone artists in this economy.
OK… Olympia Fall Arts Walk seemed to have less people than normal as far as the location I was in.  The streets were crowded with people listening to bands and watching street performers.  Not sure if I’m going to set up in the upstairs balcony of the Urban Onion Restaurant again…
first – they often have “entertainment” in the lobby which blocks the traffic flow to the upstairs.
second: one of the artists co-ordinates with the hotel so she asks an extra $10 and it’s $10 to city of Oly.
third: I rarely sell anything but sharing with other artists is a lot of fun though.

This year the arts commission added an extra day [11 to 4 pm on Sat]. It was really quiet but I brought sumi ink and
worked on the “art-o-mat” block images. Managed to make 41 mini Sumi-e of them in a couple hours. Today I glued them all onto the blocks.  Just have to add color to them and will ship on Tues.

I also was invited as a “city employee” as I teach through Parks, Arts & Rec to hang in the new Olympia City Hall.
It was really nice and loads of people came through – very steady stream – hope they offer that again in the spring – would like to hang there again. It’s a very nice space.

Received an email about my PMC pendant – pure silver with blue enamel, listing #77310742

” Your wonderful item was featured in this treasury:

Listing:  “

Today I added more products to Zazzle shop and new images to Fine Arts America…

Still have about twenty pages of items to change the “tags” as Zazzle only allows forty tags now…


My friend picked up the canvass last Sunday…. I still haven’t started!!!! 30 Days of Creativity: October 1st – October 30th – artists create thirty 8″X10″ pieces of work in thirty days. V.I.P. Preview Night: November 30th and Public Sales Event: Thursday December 1st – Exhibition Sale Event at the Tashiro-Kaplan Artist Lofts in Seattle.


The Art of Living: Third Annual Auction for Scholarships donated a piece of Sumi-e for this fundraiser…

Sunday, November 6, 2011 All proceeds directly benefit The Evergreen State College student scholarships and the newly renovated Evergreen Gallery. For additional information about registration and purchasing tickets contact Erin Hanlon or call (360) 867-6552

Donated 3 matted Sumi-e for this fundraiser.  Tacoma Buddhist Temple 1717 South Fawcett Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98402  Annual Bazar   Sunday Nov 6th…


Well – need to get my recycled piece ready…

Signed up for making a piece of Quilt Project memorabilia for auction.

Who: Artists, Crafty Types and Celebrities in Portland and especially beyond.
What: Make a piece of 12×12 inch wall art
When: By October 7, 2011.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Paint the Sumi-e for Ei ei ho ho ho… etc, etc…

Where is my motivation?