Working on my Sumi-e Holiday Cards…  I dislike should but I should have been working on these in Sept when the classes weren’t running but I was stuck in no motivation world!

Artist hint: when gluing onto colored card stock remember to check color fastness of said stock.

Beginning to add color to the black and white sumi…

Finished Sumi-e colored with ink… just have to adhere them to card stock. Last year the red and green card stock color lifted into the white paper of the sumi paintings! this year I didn’t water down my Yes Paste and I hope it didn’t bleed… hence the “artist Hint” listed above!


I glued a bunch on last night and still haven’t checked this morning.

ok – I’ll check… most are OK. a couple of the red cards have a slight pink cast not as bad as last year. I had to throw a bunch out last year!!!  I’ll post a few images later…
wonder if there is  “color fast” note card stock?

Back to work – must finish cards and pack a box of “Cubicle Collage” –  I did a  30X30 challenge that was 4″ square in June. I’m sending a bunch to the Enso Center annual sale with a batch of holiday cards…  and I will send some to the annual Cannon Beach, OR mini exhibit!
doing my best not to worry as it kills motivation – its a real numbers crunch financially now that my son isn’t getting unemployment any more.  sighing…
keep arting!