Hi all…
adhered the 15 new Sumi-e on the tricky “red” card stock yesterday.
Still have to put the labels on them and put them into sleeves…

Need to bring them to Flow Studio and gallery next Friday, bring some up to Bainbridge Arts & Crafts, and downtown to Traditions Cafe, etc….

Christmas Stocking Raid

Scanned all of them, adjusted the images until 1:30 this morning – was on a role trying to ignore the week-long wicked sinus headache, drip nose and slight cough.  Finished correcting after 2 hours this morning. Think I dodged the cold but am still freezing!

Big Green Bow

Next I took the time to add them all to Fine Art America in early afternoon.


Christmas Hat Nap

Then after super, I added them to Zazzle, made some cards, ornaments and a mug….
I keep forgetting to check “make a template” box! Oh well…..  


put some of the images on my website  www.nine-lives-studio.com

Top of the Tree

Need to get away from this PC and start the art-o-mat block Sumi-e and of course more holiday blank note cards.

below – Leave the Snowman Statue Alone!!!