Happy to say finally some of my art classes are running in this fall session.  Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation –  222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia WA 98501   www.olympiawa.gov/experienceit  Call 360.753.8380

only two more classes of this  -Ready, set, draw…. Drawing Class  Wednesday  Oct 8- Nov 16 – 7 classes

 “You-Don’t-Need-To-Know-A-Thing” Collage   [6 participants] Tuesday Nov 8-Dec 6  from 6-8pm 5 classes

Collage offers versatility and flexibility. Free your creative spirit with this fast-paced, upbeat “You-Don’t-Need-To-Know-A-Thing” Introduction to Collage. Come prepared to learn the basics of collage, materials, and techniques in a supportive environment. Emphasizing fun – catch the spontaneity of a child: finding objects, bits & pieces in the most unlikely places and putting a puzzle together. Some materials supplies – list of embellishments to be provided.

Paint what you love – acrylics  [8 participants]  Monday Nov 14- Dec 12 from 6-8 pm  6 classes

This course is an instructional class for beginning in acrylic paint that will cover the essential elements of competent drawing skills, good composition, accurate values, exciting color harmonies and expressive textures. A course outline and materials list will be mailed upon registration. Participants provide their own materials

Saturday Classes

Gorilla Enameling – [5 participants]  Saturday Nov 12 from 9 to 3pm – all materials provided

Participants will learn basic enameling procedure on copper – “gorilla” style – quick and easy. Come to this workshop to create several pendants and pins for holiday giving. No prior metalwork experience necessary…

PMC      —  [only three participants – need one more]  Saturday Nov 19th from 9 to 3pm

Precious Metal Clay, fine silver in clay form, is used to create unique jewelry pieces in a short amount of time and then is simply fired in a kiln. Explore creating hollow beads and forms, construct a pendant, use patina and create your own unique jewelry in this class. Before working directly with the PMC, modeling clay will be used to explore the basic forming techniques. After you have gained the basic skills needed to work with Precious Metal Clay, the creative possibilities are endless.   All materials supplied.

Olympia City reorganization for teaching …

After some confusion between who was an “independent contractor” teaching a class or a “city employee” for Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation teaching a class and how material fees were charged and reimbursed. The city determined that independent contractors needed to pay a city vendor/biz license to teach. It’s also now necessary for teachers when charging a material fee for any class [it’s included in the class fee collected by the parks dept] to hand in receipts to get reimbursed. Most “teachers” decided to be “city employees” and have an hourly rate as opposed to “renting the room/independent contractor option/paying the city biz license”.

For me – most of the time I know I have undercharged for supplies purchased as it’s a rough guesstimate when setting up the class description four months ahead especially when you’re not sure the class will run or not.  I also forget the shipping charge too let alone I bring in a lot of my own materials/supplies to share. small groan…

I guess my choices are :

1 – to purchase “additional” materials that I would normally share from my own supplies. The material fee may have to be higher.

2 – to give the students a more detailed list and they would have to bring all their supplies;

of course there is a combination of the above which I’ve been doing over the last 7 years… just makes for being more specific and detailed!

The director for instruction scheduling is wonderful and is really trying to smooth out the path for everyone. I have to say she is one of the best “bosses” I’ve ever had.  She has extended a  small raise to my hourly rate which will help with defraying cost of my sharing materials.  No matter what art class I offer, I always bring in brushes, paper, paint, etc…  so that seems like a great compromise. Plus my hourly pay rate hadn’t changed in years – so all works out without too much fuss. One reason years ago when I first started offering classes through Oly P, A &  Rec was being a “city employee” they take out all the fica, etc and makes it easier for me as far as taxes.

HINTS for teaching:

So remember artists or other creatives who teach classes or workshops independently to be clear about hourly rate/remuneration fee; mileage or prep remuneration; material fees & how they’re tracked or not; are receipts necessary; be clear on the schedule; do they need an invoice for payment; who advertises; will they print handouts; if necessary who unlocks the door [was locked out three different times at three different venues]; be clear about how many people you need or how many they need in a workshop to make it worth while; contact info for venue, participants; weather  cancellation procedure… and so much more.