Some cyber friends in the name of keeping at creative endeavors have accepted a thirty-day photo challenge. This has been fun to share as it helps me get know these “distant” creative playmates.  One of them had found a 30 day  challenge list on a photo blog/website. Certainly helps break being stuck when encouraged to make a photo-a-day… I finally broke through a long dry spell when I took on the 30X30 challenge that’s hung in Seattle with those mixed media pieces.

So here for being goofy and sharing are my daily photos to date_

Day 1 – Favorite Food

”] Day 2 – Smile

got this gum smile at a theater performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show…

Day 3 – Happiness

He reminds me to laugh… sits right next to my art desk!

Day 4 Leaves

Leaf silhouette

Second image for Day 4

Maple Leaf

Day 5 Morning Sky


Day 6 – Books

What's inside?

Peering into an altered book

Day 7 Something Funny

Garfield Angel

what’s even funnier is the amount of dust on this ornament!!!!

Day 8 Favorite Color

Cobalt Blue


Day 9 Inspiring Person

Inspiration comes from within

Note my father’s army picture over my shoulder —

Day 10 Nature

Gandalf's Shadow

Cats have the innate nature to almost be invisible except for their thrashing tail – it’s their true nature. Gandalf almost died last week and he would have been a true shadow.

Day 11 Something Old

My Aunt's Coffee Grinder

I treasure this gift from my aunt… she was 20 years older than my mother and inspired me to make art.

Day 12 Hands

Chaos in Hand

well, despite being so tired from teaching today – here I am and it’s 12:41!