Needed to put my feet up after teaching my Gorilla Enameling Workshop today…
stood from 11 to 2:15 when I fired the last piece for the 5 participants.
They really enjoyed the serendipity of layering the enamel…

here’s some photos of three of the enamel “work” stations
Didn’t take a snap of the “clean” the copper before & after firing station – I was so busy I forgot to do it…
Gives a hint of how many supplies/materials I have to bring in to teach this workshop/class.

Scalex application and drying station.


after the copper is washed with Penny Brite [copper cleaner], dried and handled by the edges, scalex is applied one side and the copper is dried on the coffee warmers.  Scalex is really a clay slip that helps prevent fire scale.

Adhesive and enamel application stations


Kyre-fire is the adhesive used to help hold the enamel on the copper. I have 8 colors of enamel [opaque and transparent] set up with sifter, bowls, etc… The cleaned copper pieces are handled by the edges and rested on bottle caps when the adhesive is applied.  Next the enamel is sifted onto the piece.

Enamel firing workstation


the enamel dusted copper has to dry first before being fired. Scalex side down for first firing and the pieces can just sit on the wire racks. note all the fire scale/scalex on the “hot” pad.

After fired at 1450 for aprox 5/8 minutes, the pieces are then cleaned up – adhesive and enamel is put on the second side.
Then the pieces have to sit on the stilts on the wire racks otherwise the enamel melts and adheres to any solid surface.

that’s about it… I call it Gorilla enameling as the main focus is to really get nice even coats of enamel on both sides.

Participants had a pair of earnings and 6 other pieces to work with.

Sample circles with threads and chunks as part of the design.