A few weeks ago I tore apart the awkward art/biz room – yet again – seems to be an annual occurrence. my goal: total reorganization creating better “work stations”. Also I was sooooooo stuck and nothing like procrastination via house cleaning or other various chores/tasks to keep one away from doing art work.  Happy to say I think that this last crazy reorganization has now resulted in a current  burst of art production.
Here are some photos of past [2009],  next [2010] and the new improved “art studio/office” after a week-long Organizational Eruption.


Mess from doing collages – this was in 2009… using closet door as a table.

NEXT ATTEMPT to reorganize:

Studio 2010

looking better but the “table” really sticks out into the small room.

CURRENT 11/2011:

OMG is this ready to create! When I paint Sumi-e I like a “calm, uncluttered” work space.  The “closet door” table was just too big and I had the desk facing the other window. Don’t like my back to the door!


NEXT in 2010:

almost right arrangement

note cat napping place under the desk ^.. ^


office corner

Biz/PC corner – am thinking of putting the PC back into the rolling PC table but then I’d have a pile of notebooks to heap somewhere. My huge goldfish gave up the ghost – sigh – so I took out the big fish tank and put a smaller one in place that was taking space in my bedroom. Notice I am trying hard to de-clutter. Paperwork builds up so easily. In tidying I found something that I need to sign for the refinance of mortgage  luckily it came in on last Thursday not weeks ago!


2009 was very muddled – recovering from major surgery in Dec 2008 and really lost my focus!

NEXT in 2010:

claustrophobic closet

note jewelry contingent! who votes for it being a great idea for soldering in the closet?


finally better organization in this "closet"

Moved the jewelry stuff to the front room. Mostly card making supplies and lots of collage supplies in the bookcase. At Goodwill found two more of those plastic three drawer mini organizers. gives me more space to put things to dry.

OK – happy to create in a space that seems more functional. drawers in the desk are assigned to collage, block, prints, Sumi-e, watercolor pencil and miscellaneous. The various rolling carts are better organized too.

So now back to creating cards…