Left off on Day 12 from the first blog posting …

Day 13

Day 13 Written Word


Day 14

was messing around in Photoshop elements 9 – have no clue what I did to this image cause
I tried so many things and then backed up/discarded the effect  mostly cropped

Day 14 Movement

Day 15 Technology

was thinking and thinking – technology… hmmmmm and staring at the light bulb in the wall lamp next to my desk
then  hahahhahaa of course, then the light went off – well, I had an idea.

Day 15 Technology


Day 16

this is our semi ferril marmalade cat…
she came with the name Liz but we call her Lizard as she so spooked all the time.

Day 16 Animals


Day 17

tidying up the other day, poked into jewelry box…
rarely wear any jewelry anymore – still have some things I wore in high school.
I have more rings not show here – so only a partial progression of a life time.
The “cat” is a ring holder typically left by a sink for keeping rings safe when doing dishes, etc….

Day 17 Memories


Day 18

was wracking my brains last night – Something New….
gave up as I was getting the PMC supplies ready and into the car.
Was all set to leave this morning and my son says— did I look outside?

So I ran around with the camera and snapped the ‘snow” before it melted!

Day 18 Something New