Besides being surprised by lowland snow this am,

Japanese Maple - lowland snow

next I had a bit of a scare when I plugged in my PMC kiln at the Olympia Center for Olympia Parks, Arts & Recreation and it didn’t go on, changed outlets… still wouldn’t go on.

Slight panic, figured at worse I’d have to go home and get one of my other kilns…
must have joggled the switch just right as it did go on later when I needed it and it worked with no problem.

finished 2 pendants that I started  last spring when doing demos and made 2 new ones…
not finished in terms of they need polishing, etc… and of course the  participants made some very
nice pieces. I always get inspired by the people who take my classes.
Side one images –
2 on the right have Black Mat as a patina. the upper right pendent – 2 of the stars broke points
when I tried to push them back down to hold the Dichroic glass.


PMC side 1

Side two images

PMC side 2

the 3 leaf piece [top left] needs something added to the back.  I like to make the pieces reversible.  Again they need cleaning/polishing. Ignore the cat hair on the black felt. I paint my Sumi-e on the felt but those rascally cats slept on it when I forget to put it away!

INFO about PMC:  Precious Metal Clay was developed by scientists working at the Mitsubishi Materials Special Products division in Sanda,Japan. After years of experimentation the first patents were awarded in the early 1990s with many additional materials joining the family of products. The principle ingredient of PMC is gold or silver, reduced to tiny flakes smaller than 20 microns in size. As a point of reference, it would take as many as 25 of these particles clumped together to equal a grain of salt.

The other ingredients in PMC are water and an organic (naturally occurring) binder. After firing, the water and binder have completely burned away so what remains can be hallmarked as .999 silver or gold. Dried out or unwanted objects can be refined just like conventional precious metal.

Tomorrow after I get back from Bainbridge Island – – dropping art and doing a block print demo for them at Wyatt House    or Monday, I need to put new PMC  items on my Etsy shop!  Time is flying past…


Finished last few Photo Frame Sumi-e cards – 29 all together….

Rabbit - mini Sumi-e


OK must frame the five Sumi-e  pieces for E-I E-i Ho Ho Ho….