Catching up with posts – here’s Day 19 to 25 of the photo challenge

Day 19 – Best Friend – My Corgi pals – who else would love to go out with me at midnight for walks in any weather!
SP [Sargent Pepper] the male and Riley the female

SP & Riley

Day 20 Seasonal – Bringing fresh cranberry sauce down to my daughter’s tomorrow. I didn’t use my mother’s recipe book [just winged it] …. it’s from when she was in high school.

Soon to be Cranberry Sauce

Day 21 Where You Sleep – Didn’t have a chance to make my bed that morning… woke up a little late and was off and running.

Unmade Bed...

Day 22 Clothing – not sure why the red went weird on this – I actually held the camera over my head and aimed down!
I wear this hat all the time in the house – trying to save heat by keeping heat down. A volunteer at the food bank used up scrap yarn and left a box of these hats free for the taking.

Knit Cap

Day 23 In Your Closet – lots of fleece in my closet.


Day 24  Gratitude – My daughter moved [in Sept] ahead of her partner Eric and son Eamon – they followed up to Portland OR in Oct…  I am so thankful. drove down yesterday for Thanksgiving and as a bonus, Eamon came up to spend a couple of days with us.  I am even more thankful as I can get to know him – they lived in Oakland CA before and our visits were very infrequent.


Day 25 Artwork  – we went down to Percival Landing to walk around…
if I’d remembered today was “artwork” I would have photographed some of the sculpture on the plinths….
This is a photo of my positive thinking/art goal mandala… made it when I facilitated an art projects workshop based on  the activities from the Artist Way by Julia Cameron.

Art goal mandala