Hung my art work yesterday at Green Spot Tea House & Art Gallery – cute bistro type facility in an office building in University Place. I was stuck in some traffic and there was probably a quicker route than the Map Quest suggestion so I was a little late – I guess I really need a cell phone for those circumstances.

Here are some rules/reminders which I may have said before:

Rule #1 visit the place before the actual day to hang.
To check length of time and directions
To see for yourself where & how they hang

Rule #2 Check all your wires -I started to hang something and it has a old single strand wire which luckily broke in my hand

Rule #3 bring a hanging kit – screwdriver, hanging wire, measure tape, etc
sometimes it easier to move the hanging wire than the nail in the wall.

Rule #4 make sure you have an accurate list, hang tags, and artist bio
missed two of my pieces on my list, so didn’t have labels, forgot to bring one piece and forgot the bio

Rule #5 always bring extra pieces, sometimes once they’re on the wall they fight each other as far as color or design or there is room for an extra piece.

Rule #6 make sure you’re clear what the owner/curator want’s to hang – I didn’t bring any Sumi – I sent a variety of images by email and she seemed to say bring mixed media. I had the feeling she didn’t want my Sumi-e so I brought all mixed media & collage – she was definitely surprised… 

I’m blaming the slow moving flu as I usually am on top of all those rules…

Images of art exhibit today and I brought an accurate list, labels, & bio…. very nice place to hang.

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