After I hung my mixed media and collage at Green Spot Tea House & Art Gallery yesterday, I drove up to Bainbridge Island. Arrived early for the E-I, E-i, Ho Ho Ho group exhibit, walked around Winslow Way, bought a salad & soup, by the time I got back – half hour – wow, the reception at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts was really packed. Stood by my stuff and did my best to engage with people.  I’m fine when I teach classes but I still haven’t got the hang of spontaneous chatting at receptions – for me , it’s  difficult and I’m out of practice as always with small talk but had fun sharing stories with quite a few people.


Mentors _ I love how mentors appear and give nudges.

Had one artist little older than me scold in a nice way… we were chatting when I inadvertently said I can do serious Sumi-e but this whimsical stuff comes out the most.  She caught me. I was not even noticing that I felt that it wasn’t worthy as “art”. Thankful for that mentor gently correcting me!

Leap Pig

Then I had another woman, who told me that she gave up her art when she moved from CA and is running a toy store in town. She said she is exhausted and sad she gave it up. She gave me polite heck for not getting my whimsical Sumi-e art out to children’s publishing. part of the conversation:  I see stories in your pieces, each one is a story and a good one. Are you a professional or amateur? the difference is fear.

Wow, is all I can say! two “guide/mentors” shaking the cage I’ve been hiding in…
now, do I have the strength to persevere and push through to that next higher level/s. I’m uncomfortable with travel and basically shy  plus lack of funds ….  OK, you caught me – excuses!

Chicken Tag