My goal is a poem a day, usually a photo and small art work a day too – otherwise I get lost trying to network on the Internet, post to my online stores, etc, etc, etc!

Stream of conscious writing with perhaps a few edits – often raw…

WikiHow:  How to Write Stream Of Consciousness One way to cultivate your emotional and poetic mind, and to improve your writing skills in general, is to write stream-of-consciousness. This is unstructured, unedited writing that reflects your observations or feelings about a certain person, event, or item. Stream-of-consciousness is a good way to write poetry or journals, and can end with a piece of writing that can be as much graphic as verbal.

mantra of the day

I am not a slave of my mind…

I am not a …. or am I?

So many reactions from rout’s past experience;

preprogramed to respond to similar stimuli.

Those blasted Pavlovian habits rue this organism’s

behavior over and over  – slipping backwards.

Tempted to believe a new updated version of myself

can handle anything – evidence of being lost in repetition;

I am a slave of my mind…



Dreams with Deadlines…

Late again,

can’t find keys;

where’s the purse?

Tossing and turning

till fully awake.

Hey, I don’t work there anymore!


Soothing cup of chamomile tea…

smoothing out the twisted blanket,

memories advance of dad’s “late-to-work”

dreams related over many a breakfast.


Twenty-five years after retirement,

bosses and  fellow workers

performed nightly work scenarios…

haunting his sleep, creeping into

the morning, invading conversation.

Wonder if they cling to his after life…





Resetting word default

Over and over

Not unlike habits

Labeled good or bad

Set as personal defaults.