wrote these poems while listening to Baby Gramps last night. Besides sketching them play, certain phrases from songs or a snippet of something he said triggered these words….

Baptized in Swamp Water

Cousins trickery…
Catch some frogs,
You’re quicker than us.
Rowing away trust –
Hot summer day walking
through squishy muck and slim.
Their laughter lapped cross
the shallow swamp water
along with taunts if we cried.


Phrase from a Baby Gramps song – baptized in swamp water

Lost Child in You

Where are you lost child?
Is there still time to find you?
Wrap you in golden gauze,
whisper honey coated words,
cherish you again as in childhood.
When summer’s warm glow increased
the sweet scent of mowed grass; day
dream clouds drifted across blue skies…
a time where rain was fun to dance in.
A time when skinned knees and other
bruises were kissed away by mom or dad.
Where are those sunny days?
Here I am trying to catch that child
one last time under winter’s dull skies
imagining past sun warmed days laced
with innumerable hugs and kisses…


At the end of his performance Baby Gramps said he hoped he brought out the lost child in you…

wrote this one earlier in the day:


Daylight never stopped night dreams;
softened fog blurring edges,
they skirted the brightest sunlight.
Invisible to others, they were strength.
More important than real events,
a running loop of favorite sequences
kept running continually in place
separate from actual vision or hearing.
Declining invitations, slipping away to
observe the moonrise, waiting for stars
to poke through twilight, the images were
ever stronger… specters imposed over reality.
Doing routine chores within this film, there was
never a thought for sharing this inner world;
speculation of deteriorating mental health
dogged her heels making it more important
to wander through field and wood’s familiar
paths until the day she kept walking…