Day 9 – photo through a glass block

Day 9 Light & Dark

Here’s Day 10 – hard to hold camera still… camera setting on “SCN” and macro- taken at night.

Day 10 Light & Dark

It’s great to do a mini challenge like this to keep your eye fresh and set the art-per-day quota as often you end up doing more once you’re started.  Even though I’m fighting a cold/flu I make sure I get my art/photo a day done.


Just to show we do have some sun in the Pacific Northwest during “winter”, here’s a couple extra photos…

roller blades and sun on 12-10-2011

don’t recommend driving and snapping photos but was surprised this was in focus! I keep my eye on the road and just use my right hand to hold the camera/depress button… of course I wait until I get home to review what images I’ve captured.

drive by Evergreen and blue sky

this was after I got home and standing on terra firma…

flowering cherry tree in late fall