Baby Gramps played his guitar/sang last night at Traditions cafe…
still fighting the cold/flu – arrrggghhh but he is just wacky & wild and wouldn’t miss him ever.
Think vaudeville – think 1930’s – actually I think some of his music was in the movie Brother where art thou.
It’s our “holiday tradition” since moving out to the PNW to catch his show.
OK, I had a double latte Pumpkin flavored and was wired so luckily I brought paper with me.
I was sketching and also wrote 4 poems while he played.
He was kind enough to sign my drawing with the verbal comment “I was wondering what you were doing”
My son and I were less than 6 feet from him sitting at a table so he couldn’t help but see me drawing and/or writing!
he balanced the drawing on his Outertainment CD to sign his name, then he said just keep it!
Traditions Cafe is a very small venue and so wonderful because of it. 

Baby Gramps pen sketches

The other fellow – who cleverly signed as “Mr. Mystery” plays toy pianos!
so incredible, improvises at times when Baby Gramps gives him the “nod”.
Plus before and during the intermission he played wonderful jazz on the baby grand.

Still feel yucky but laughing and singing along last night was so worth it!