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We’re at it again! In addition to the 12 recent QuickLaunch products, we have introduced 8 new products and have many more on the way. Here are all the details to help you get started and keep busy designing in the coming weeks.

New Drinkware

Last week we launched an expanded line of drinkware, including many products that you have been hoping to see on Zazzle for a while:
We know how much our users love their pets, so now you can design a custom pet bowl for Fido and Fluffy!
Just in case you enjoy a spot of tea or a monster cup of joe, how about 3 new specialty mugs!
Candy is dandy, but our new candy jar really raises the bar!
Need something to brew that aforementioned tea in? How about a customized tea pot?
Prefer tea of the iced variety? Brew up a batch to put in our awesome new customizable pitchers.

Designing for Drinkware

These new drinkware products are slightly different from many of our existing products and there are a few things to keep in mind when designing in order to create the best looking merchandise. As much as we would love to be able to do full-area printing and background colors for these products, our printing process does not allow us to do this. Don’t worry; there is still plenty of space for you to design on! None of these products are full-wrap so they look best when you use multiple images as opposed to one continuous image. For the Pet bowls, the design area is 3″ high by 21″ long and this long narrow design area works particularly well with repeating patterns and multiple images.

On the Horizon

Not enough to keep you busy? Never fear! Zazzle is partnering with amazing companies who are creating all sorts of products, from cut and sew wares to water bottles and much, much more. Keep your eyes out for our next set of products from Rickshaw Bags coming your way in the near future. Get ready for a custom messenger bag that your friends will drool over along with a few other surprises.