Worked a little more on a pendent for my daughter made from PMC [Precious Metal Clay]. This was the start – real Maple leaf and 25g package of PMC3.

Imprinting leaf on PMC

Rolled out the PMC, placed leaf on it and rolled some more and propped up the “points” so it wouldn’t be flat. Also reinforced the leaves “points”…

After first firing

Fired the PMC 3 and tumble polished…  the leaf texture and veins really impressed well into the PMC. PMC does shrink so I now am placing the stone vertical instead of horizontal.  Am experimenting by attempting to attach a partial bezel and wire to hold the stone in place.

ready to fire

because the stone has to be vertical I had to add another PMC loop to support the stone.  The wire is brass held in place by a PMC heart adhered to the back. brass wire will be used to attach a necklace.

2nd fire PMC pendent

after firing again and tumble polishing, most of the partial bezel did attach, the wire across the upper portion is too short – whoops… but I think I can rework it… PMC can be re-fired as many times as necessary. [without the cabochon]

Below back of the pendent – will curl the brass wire tighter into better “jump ring” to attach the necklace.

back of pendent

Some inconsistent bumps on the back but they are smooth not rough.  So just have to rework the bezel, the wrapping wire and I may experiment with some enamel.

Some of my PMC jewelry is listed on my Etsy shop…