10 to 9

Jumped out of a dream

within seconds of scheduled departure.

Dragging REM clouds into clothes,

chewing a banana lost in-between,

driving a night coated day,

the nocturnal response encompasses

corroded time sequenced in exhaustion…




Orion’s Progress

Walking the dogs

to rethink

the whole idea.

Starting point,

what was I thinking;


how to adapt;


follow through

without struggle.

A welcome relief

to stifle the critic,

get some fresh air,

stretch the muscles

while scanning the night

sky for Orion’s progress.




5 o’clock Glass


Is it wine o’clock yet?

Close enough,

I won’t wait…

it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Well, bottoms up…

then without a doubt

waking up to bleeding eyeballs

cause my glass runneth over..