Greetings everyone – Wishing you all a happy or merry celebration.  I’m more into the return of the light and am so sensitive to it that I can already feel the first few minutes since the 21st!

Wishing you peace this year and I will get in that in the next few weeks/months a semblance of order, peace and newness.  After 11 years without flooring… [ tore up the rugs due to a dog peeing contest when I got an un-neutered Corgi in heat.  the female skiperkee named Prancer that was established pet  and Riley the new Corgi drove me nuts but that’s a different story!]

Anyway – recently filed for refinance, house inspector basically said in his report  no way until the flooring is in. That actually was the point of the refinance to fix things up! Oh well, so boxes of bamboo flooring are piled next to the tree. Most of the furniture /artwork is out on the porch. I was crazed for a bit but now – here come’s reorganization once again… really thinking about my “work spaces”. Decided to put a gas stove on the enclosed  porch [former deck] and make that more the “art” area. Of course that means changing out the horrific metal sliders that let all the cold air in but….

well you see where this is going – one project explodes into many. I’m going to take the “ugly fake hearth/fireplace” and it’s inefficient gas furnace inset out and put in a new one cast iron style gas stove. Great, now add demo to the mess before the flooring goes down but wait there’s more… a friend suggested blowing out the wall in the kitchen and putting in an island. She’s right as the cabinets are cheap and I was going to have to redo them also… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but the interior will be so nice!!!!!!!  The good part – she is wicked handy with remodel and has promised to help me smash it up. Yeah – Old Lady Power!

Getting away from the holiday message – one last thing. My three friends all 60ish and myself carried in all 51 boxes, heavy boxes, of the bamboo flooring in… are you ready? In an hour!!!! Phew and wobbly but we did it!

So that’s the New Year’s main goal – get in shape before I croak!!!!!   Best everyone!