Demolition – the ugly fake fireplace is almost history!

sledge power

My friend Marlene and I smashed the wall board. That’s her foot in the upper left.

taking it down

Helps to have a reciprocating saw to cut the two by fours.

Next came the pry bar and cats paw — then ta-da! All set to be removed.  The original “fire” box with blower fan is from the original wood stove.  The prior owners put in a gas insert.  I put in a “gas” furnace that was terrible. The original insert worked so much better  ^..^

cleaned up and ready to remove

Tomorrow the two general contractors will get this out into the garage. Saturday the folks from the Re-Store will come and take it away.  I bought two boxes [10 tiles each] of slate at the Re-Store for the floor under the new cast iron gas fireplace.  Hopefully that will be in next week after we repair the wall and prepare the base.

Then it’s bye- bye ugly kitchen  cabinets that are self destructing!

Chris the contractor almost has one bedroom floor finished.

Wow, can’t tell you what a difference this is making to me. Finally I’m able to repair/remodel.