I still write one poem a day despite the remodel chores… here are a few.


Hopefully Naive

Do you try to avoid

the dark damp cave

in the back of your mind


it’s scary back there?

What’s in yours?

A list of flaws,

secret grudges,

people loved and lost,

conspiracy theories,

experiences rather forgotten,

mistakes you can’t admit,

fears that haven’t come true yet…

all the stuff nightmares are made of.

Are you hopelessly naïve?

Think it would be relatively easy to change

or are you hopefully naïve…

knowing how hard it is to bring light

into dark sacred fears.




Barely Breaking

Tumbling days

filled with stop and go;

too busy to feel when

accomplishing “to-do”.

Dusted and polished,

swept and mopped,

clean and tidy to the eye.

Barely breaking

persistent pain

pleasantly displayed

in clean glass frames.




Leaving not one footprint

in sand, mud, grass –

not one depression at all.

Nothing made an impression.

Destined to drift with the sun

on her face, the wind at her back…

there was no weight to her being.





Every step forward pulled

frigid temperature into lungs;

warmth exhaled shrinking

frost into liquid state

leaving a clear path that

documented movement.

Every breath in

lowered body temperature.

Every breath out

chilled cells.

Steps faltered…

muscles locked…

reception closed down;

sitting in consciousness,

spirit radiated outward.

Aware of every drip

falling to earth,

the frost returns

with the last exhale.





Tired and worn down,

not feeling great;

icy stars white light

does nothing to cool fever.

Fever of dread…

writhing snake crossing

summer’s melting asphalt.

No respite…

no escape to safety…

desiring to quench thirst,

wishing to heal  burns,

your acid tongue licks

subcutaneous layers

drawing abstract patterns.

Licking, licking…

teasing soulless spirit forth…