record snows – nothing is plowed on side streets. this morning couldn’t get the Corgis to go out the back door…  over 13″ and slightly drifted too.  Snow amounts breaking weather recording records.

slider door open,,, too piled for the dogs

off the front porch onto the sidewalk

then I walked them from the front door… they did their best to walk close to the side of the garage. this is in front of the garage -their look says it all –  do we have to?

OMG its deep

help, we're too short

not happy campers – stuck in the snow!

in the only set of truck tire tracks -

the only neighbor who could get out was the neighbor with an over sized truck.

dog sled team in training

better footing, deep track…

Reilly hopping up the driveway

wish I had been faster on the shutter button – she looked so funny hopping through the snow – gray is part of my jacket.

heavy snow, branches bending low

hope the wind doesn’t come up. our power lines are buried but not the surrounding streets.

wire fence is 2' tall

tiny back yard fence is a little wonky/tilted but still wicked deep snow.

what a storm! trust me until the rain and warmer temps come [which will bring more problems] I’m not going anywhere!