OK, the power went out. I was trapped in the house due to depth of snow and ice… I didn’t shovel my short driveway but the cul de sac was never plowed out either.  Four and half days without power!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Working by Oil Lamp

The flash makes this look so bright! It wasn’t…  Power outage started about 11:30 on Thursday.  I started working on the project, late afternoon and worked to 10 ish, worked more on Friday and some on Saturday…

Oil Lamp 2

Note the color green that I repainted the art room with – very cheery even in the dark. that’s my notebook of poems from the last 8 years or so.  Most of the house still is full of boxes and everything is out of place so it took alot of grumbles and some cursing to find what I wanted/needed.  My ideas shifted as I proceeded.

page 1

note “bird” is on a half a page

page 2

contour drawing & collage roses…

page 3

contour drawing

page 4

self portrait – graphite

page 5

collage under transfer paper

page 6

graphite, watercolor pencil, few collage images

page 7

graphite drawing – image from a rose catalog

page 8

Sumi-e, collage and poetry

page 9

graphite drawing – “envelope” with prior exhibit announcements with poems attached to the back. have to thread them with a ribbon to attach in the book.

page 10

Suminagashi – Japanese paper marbling

page 11

Sumi-e mountain scene

page 12

milk resist on sumi paper – “moon” from a holiday card

page 13

Sumi-e [color ink] on silk

page 14

Suminagashi – black ink only

page 15

Sumi-e – mountain pine

page 16

milk resist on sumi paper

page 17


page 16

block print and collage

well there you have it – all drawing/art work were done last year. Poetry from last few years. not too many paste fingerprints since this was mostly created under/with oil lamp light!