Late Tuesday afternoon into the night there was another wicked storm – high winds/horizontal rain.
Did teach my watercolor pencil class Tue  night… power flickered off and on around 11pm ish.
Then Wednesday morning – no wind or rain…. the power goes off again for over four hours.

Managed to clean up all the collage materials on my work desk. I need it neat and tidy when creating Sumi-e

Sumi-e work space

Lots of light coming in studio window so look what I did!

mini Sumi-e

105 small Sumi-e for the art-o-mat blocks… lost count – I made extra.

Thought I’d get to color with sumi ink today but I did adhere them to the blocks after I worked on my class proposal list for Olympia Parks, Arts & Rec spring & summer and  emailed it to the director…

Then I was able to adhere half the blocks.

half adhered

please note a bright light across the desk surface…..what can that be? WoW! –  actual sunlight!!!!
usually I trim the mini Sumi-e before gluing.  This time I glued the odd paper shapes and then trimmed the mini paintings when the glue was dry…  why odd shapes, I save scraps of sumi paper when I discard something that didn’t work out.

trimmed and other half adhered

half trimmed and the rest of the mini Sumi-e adhered.  100 blocks ready to paint!

Clark at Art-o-Mat [artists in cellophane] said I was one a several top sellers this year! In 2011, I had over $600 in art-o-mat sales!   great for PR – $25 for fifty blocks and of course return shipping cost so probably just a small net after that but I’ve been in MOMA, Smithsonian…  They have 99 refurbished cigarette machines dispensing art…   

Think I made 400 blocks last year I didn’t keep track. I’d have to back track and find when I order/return shipped.
This year I’ll pay more attention to the total number I ship.


How-To Hint -The Yes paste is very thick so I water down the archival Yes paste with distilled water.  I’ve had mold grow in it when I loosened it up with regular water!

keep creating!