Yesterday I worked during the afternoon and again after the class I taught last night…
First I spread the blocks out and then I add one color at a time. That way I don’t have to keep rinsing the brush and the sumi ink is expensive.  Below shows the green sumi ink applied.

Adding green to Sumi-e

Next I added ocher and blue Sumi ink

sumi ink - ocher and blue

after I taught my watercolor pencil  class last night, I started again around 8:30 pm

getting closer to finish

Almost all are satisfactory – ready to stamp, sign, and wrap… closing in on 11:30pm.

getting late - most finished

50 blocks wrapped and in the box – 12:30pm and it was time to walk the dogzzz. ugh – pouring rain!!!

in the box - 50 done

2nd half – found 3 on the floor! Some of these need touching up and of course the 3 escapees from their adventure on the floor need to be painted!

50 more

Will ship them out this afternoon and order 100 more.


What is an Art-o-mat?
Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. There are over 90 active machines in various locations throughout the country.
find an art-o-mat near you. ] What do you get from an Art-o-mat?
The experience of pulling the knob alone is quite a thrill, but you also walk away with an original work of art. What an easy way to become an art collector.
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Want to be an Artomat artist?
There are around 400 contributing artists from 10 different countries currently involved in the Art*o*mat project. We are always searching for fresh work.
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