Almost caught up with my typing hand scrawled poems…  here’s Feb 1st-5th



Was it her heart?

A not so silent attack…

chest pressure expression,

deep breathing to center

while waiting it out wide awake.

Nothing down arm,

pain shifts a little…

can one pull a muscle while asleep?

Waking in morning light…

not puzzled enough to call the doctor

or too old to care.



Cat Lady

Concrete under paws

is either too hot or too cold…

cats perch parrot style with tails

curled around her neck.

Riding high, loose leather tether

loops them to their caregiver…

Traversing concrete and asphalt,

their two legged companion

moves gracefully but do they

miss fields and woods?



Moon Wisdom

Travel light,

live light,

spread the light,

be the light.


A mantra, my night song

repeated with every

step ingraining moonbeams

within and stardust without.

I’m a night traveler

moving through darkness

calling to midnight elements.

Executing actions perfectly,

I step lightly over shadows

casting nocturnal plein air thoughts.


101 Yogi Bhajan Quotes



The sky is blue because someone decided that;

someone made a sound and pointed to the sky.

So many questions as how things came to be…

why didn’t your voice bring terror into my heart

when nothing seemed out of place in your persona?

Does life overlap past memories to work out in present?

Why would I want to bring your former action and

my reactions to this particular time frame?

You killed me last time.

The depth of cruelty unmasked from forget-me-not

smiles ruptures contaminated orbits – the dance we had…

the dance  we had begins again – similar yet dissimilar.

No safety in a home with sharpness glued to me;

sharp words sting and bruise as much as your hand.

Why do you stay?  Why do I stay?

Even a cat gets bored with its prey…




Steel gray clouds,

opalescent slurry

of dislodged snow and crust.

Singular flakes meld

into a weathered relationship.

Individual crystals harden

reflecting a glare of sharp images.

I forgot how my image reflected me;

lost in a soulless cohabitation, I forgot

how we reflected each other for a time.

There was false security in love…

what we thought was love.

Where are paths crossed,

“X” marks the spot…

where our paths ended

a stinging slap broke the spell.

We’d dug ourselves a deep pit…

exacerbated co-dependence.

It was easier for you to hate me;

am I right or am I wrong?