Sunday my friend Marlene and I worked from 11 until 6:30pm… new bamboo bordering floors well protected with cardboard.

before the attack...

counters clear and clutter free – notice implements of destruction… crow bar, mini sledge.

dining room wall - behind the cabinets

periwinkle blue soon to be ex wall – shelf left the old white behind…

ta Dah

My friend, Marlene, who suggested taking down the wall.  She recently remodeled her house and is an excellent handy person with great knowledge of “how-to”. I used to do a lot of carpentry with my Dad but am rusty but easily catch up dragging out and dusting off memories.

ex wall cabinet

We discovered that the cabinets are fairly sturdy veneered plywood. The doors were nasty so out they go! I had intended to put a wall of cabinets in the now open dining area for all my dishes. I’m going to pick out glass front cabinet doors, light them from the top and refurbish the old into new.  Then I just need a  good base cabinet. Plan to store my framed art work and framing materials in the “dining” area base cabinets…

ex base cabinet

clearing the cabinets out – my garage is stuffed. I’m calling the Re-Store tomorrow!

rounding the bend

We sawed out the corner cabinet and the broke it up… it’s sledge time.

sledge hammer time

A great stress reliever – swinging the sledge and breaking stuff…


half way through the wall… avoiding the electricity!

what's left that night

all that was left after taking down the wall cabinets on the opposite wall.

down to the ribs

just the studs left from our long day of remodel…

back at it a today – just to have the contractor unhook the sink, dishwasher and stove plus pulling out the electric boxes… Wednesday we remove the studs and attack the flooring. This part of the plan concludes with purchasing the tiles on Friday and laying the new floor over the weekend.  Stocked up on frozen meals as it’s toaster oven heating for food and  washing a few dishes in the bathroom sink.

If all works well, we’ll be putting together the Ikea cabinets next week!!!!

back to getting ready for teaching tomorrow…

stay well