Marlene and I attacked the floor about noon and finished about 2:30 along with having the local Re-Store stopping by for the old applainces and cabinets.

removing the top layer

chipping up the wood parkay…

Dad's crowbar

There were some tools that I couldn’t let go after he died… of course the crowbar is handy but I love that he had used it for his entire life.

sub flooring peeking through

Luckily most of the 2nd layer came up in fairly large chunks! That’s just a very small piece in comparison.

Prying it up

Wow, was hard work plus we had to keep dancing with the old dishwasher, stove, sink cabinet and the corner cabinet!  Must have moved them 5 times in different directions.

temp kitchen...

Here’s what’s left… my temp kitchen.  Friday I buy the tile, adhesive, grout, etc… at Home Depot. Tiles already picked out.  Laying the floor over the weekend.

Then…  It’s putting all the Ikea cabinets together!  I’m guessing 2 to 3 weeks kitchen less…. Tomorrow I’m taking the few dishes I’ve used over to the neighbor’s to wash. I did buy paperplates – dislike using them but….

that’s the remodel news from Nine Lives Studio