Patching the ceilingAhhhhh – my friend Marlene hates being on a ladder but she toughed it out. The old wall was attached by a double 2X4″ into that spot.  the wall was so much easier to patch.

both sides of wall had to be patched from where we tore down the old cabinet wall

Been so busy with it all this. Painted dining area walls and front hall & ceiling. .. note new ceiling light.


Need a really tall ladder to do the high wall/ceiling in the dining area. Let me tell you even with it extended this far its hard for me to reach the ceiling/top of wall. Gotta love periwinkle!

Managed to fall off the shorter ladder. Splat… owie. not sure how I did that other than not having the ladder legs out, leaning it precariously, being exhausted and fully fumed from painting for 6+ hours, and missing the rung.

Luckily the ladder didn’t fall on top of me. It was stuck against the window frame when I finally managed to scrap myself off the floor. A few days later – cool colors!

tore up the old Parquet in the front hall, backing board down and tiled it… below figuring out the tile cuts. Learned to use tile saw – awesome!

OK trying to stay calm, still hard to find stuff but so close to the end of the kitchen remodel part. Waiting for the darn kitchen faucet….

counter tops in – not happy with the job they did  and the color is a little dark but will counter it [hahahaha, counter – get it]  with the back splash colors.  The counter top is Corian “Oat”.  When you have to pick out something  from a 2″square sample…. hmmm. anyway. the rectangles and beige square was what I had originally picked out for the back splash. Now I found the whimsical circle tiles and white “subway” type tile. Hopefully the white tile will help the back splash be “lighter”.  It goes nicely with the farmhouse apron sink.

There was a 6″ gap caused by an 18″ cabinet; a slight goof by Ikea salesperson when I ordered the cabinets. It should have been a  24″cabinet.  I decided to put in another corner cabinet =  more storage space.

Finishing up adding a few cabinets to act as a buffet in the dining area! Thus using the extra 18 inch cabinet, purchasing 3 more uppers and using the old base cabinets for the lowers. The middle base cabinet was another slight goof by Ikea when I ordered the kitchen parts. It’s actually the space where the dishwasher was = 24″, but someone pulled the base when filling the order. I went back up and tried to give it back to Ikea but the return person said I couldn’t cause it wasn’t on my sales receipt list [note, I was not asking for a refund] AND you put it together. She was rather testy with me. They would have just thrown it out according to her so I took it back home.  I am honest and felt I at least tried to return the “free” cabinet. Ikea also did not give me a schematic of the kitchen layout – just the cabinet assembly list. Trust me I spent 3 solid days between teaching a few classes putting those cabinets together and did not notice the “extra” base piece till we laid it out!

Matt, carpenter, is working on this today adding the cabinet doors, etc. I’ll tile a countertop for this. They also moved two electric boxes yesterday [one is complete, the other just has the wire].

So basically a full new interior in this former “home-crap-home” .

Just the bathrooms to do next. Friend and co-conspirator Marlene used my extra Bamboo for her kitchen floor and she had 3 boxes left… I bought it back from her. It’s going to be the floor for the hall bathroom. Tiling the same porcelain as kitchen/foyer for my son’s bathroom.

So despite falling off the ladder a week ago – it’s going well.  ^..^