Here are a few of my poems from between the last post in mid March. Where is the time going?

It is…

My ears are crying;

you know you failed…

that belongs in the garbage.

I could tell you all about the why

but you know what…

you have seen it before.

At least, this chair is real…

it has dimension;

it is visible and useful

without looking for compliments.



Eccentric old biddy with wrought iron tastes;

her house out-shown the others on the tumble

down block. All had lost their former grandeur.

Stagnant decay laced with neglect prevailed

except for her house with gleaming windows,

painted exterior, flower boxes along with tidy lawn.

Being a life-long maid with eclectic taste the interior

was Zen simplistic; wall colors exemplified harmony,

sparse furnishing were comfortable, lighting soft,

belongings were worn but clean… nothing extraneous.

Anyone who broke in left disappointed as there

was nothing of value to steal…




Present Tense

Words reverberated

in her mind seeking

immediate release…

random what ifs blend

with less severe memories.

How does that work?

What triggers the brain

to let old images appear?

Here in the present…

past old times…

flashes of happy and sad

drift while recumbent

under night warmed covers.

Waiting for the energy

to get up following

sleep’s dreams slipping

between past into present tense.






Beyond thinking up anything new…

life was drained physically and mentally.

Primal bloodletting by family determined

to exorcise any and all creative demons.

Soul shriveled to mechanical movements;

lost to mimic shadows hiding strength in dark.

Exhibits in light were too noticeable;

ambitious efforts smoldered deep in ash,

a few embers burned desperate to reawaken…





Looking beyond the mirror

into forbidden space

where darkness a reigns.

The scene of taboo emotions

forbidden to reveal them-selves

gain strength from ignorance.

Nails scraping, chipping, scratching

to get out of imposed confinement

unleash tumultuous disgorging

of life’s inequity in raging torrents.

Silenced by well-meaning behavior,

bloodied glass fractures reveled

release pooling onto floor…

screaming undulations fall silent.




Dogzz need walking – that’s all folks!