The Self-Portrait Project: 4 x 4

The many faces of the Art House Co-op community

What does our creative community look like? How do you see yourself when you close your eyes? The Self-Portrait Project is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the world — one canvas at a time. Whether you feel challenged to depict yourself in photographic detail or to abstract your personality in visual form, this project will bring together the many faces of the Art House community in our storefront project space. Each participating artist will receive an empty 4″ x 4″ canvas with the same mission: Show us who you are. The resulting wall of portraits will open thousands of windows into our community, sharing something about ourselves for the entire world to see. Deadline May 15th


First “art” I’ve created in a long time although I do call recreating my house interior a work of art. I used to be so stressed – far happier with all the improvements.

So have selected some of the 10X10 series project offerings to reve up my creativity.

Starting point above. A self-portrait sketch I made when teaching a drawing class. Found matching half in an old geographic magazine.

Below: waiting for the Golden Polymer Medium to dry… touched up the pencil drawing with soe watercolor pencil.

Think I’m finished tweaking – added a little white highlight to eye, pearlescent acrylic to “eye-glass” and little Golden Interference orange to the “metal-glass-frame’.


Here is the poem that wraps around the canvas. Broke it into four stanzas… I printed it beige tissue paper by adhering the tissue to a regular piece of paper with rubber cement.



All the misuse and abuse

comes to mind

as fresh as the time

it was dealt out over

twenty years ago…

only thing different:

now I’m not afraid of him.

He met his match;

she exacted a toll…

he is old, worn, beaten

and loveless but I am

centered and at peace.



Now to mail it to them: Art House Co-op, 103 A North 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

The 2013 Sketchbook Project launches on April 18th — just two weeks from today! Sign up here to be the first to know all the details and join our launch event on Facebook to help spread the word.