The Self-Portrait Project: 4 x 4

The many faces of the Art House Co-op community

What does our creative community look like? How do you see yourself when you close your eyes? The Self-Portrait Project is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the world — one canvas at a time. Whether you feel challenged to depict yourself in photographic detail or to abstract your personality in visual form, this project will bring together the many faces of the Art House community in our storefront project space. Each participating artist will receive an empty 4″ x 4″ canvas with the same mission: Show us who you are. The resulting wall of portraits will open thousands of windows into our community, sharing something about ourselves for the entire world to see. Deadline May 15th

The Photo Response Project due post mark April 30th

What’s a picture worth to you?

1000 words? A quick sketch? Or a photo in return? The Photo Response Project asks artists to perform a visual translation. Choose one of the five photographs (below) and respond to it in any visual medium — just keep the dimensions to 4″ x 6″. Write a (very) short story, draw or paint, manipulate the image itself or simply try something new. We’ll exhibit each photograph together with its responses and explore the many directions that emerge from a single starting point.



added cat in the window and bucket of flowers…



How many hands lingered

on the door handle?

Moving through battered door…

feet wore the bricks down;

eyes peaked from glass panes.

Worlds collided and dreams

escaped permanence…

lost outside curtained windows.

Start somewhere…



below orignial picture #5

 Still thinking about what to do for this challenge due on May 15th….

The Chronicle Project

24 hours. 1,440 minutes. Or 86,400 seconds. 

The Chronicle Project challenges artists to document a single day in their lives and share it with our community. Choose to create a visual record, describe your day in narrative form or depict your path as a chart or map — just make sure to limit your focus to a single 24-hour span. Keep track of something specific, like every sound you hear, or attempt to capture your overall impression of a day. The only restriction is that your work must fold down to a size of 4″ x 6″. We’ll exhibit the resulting chronicles in the Brooklyn Art Library and collapse 1,000 unique days into one

  • Any medium is acceptable, including      drawing, sewing, collage, printmaking or photography.
  • Please make sure that your Chronicle      can fold into a flat rectangle no larger than 4” x 6”.
  • Please print your name clearly on the      back of your Chronicle.
  • Please do not submit a sculpture or      3D object. All Chronicles must fold down flat to be included.
  • Please do not use glue, glitter, or      other materials that could fall off your work or damage other      contributions.
  • Please note that submissions will not      be returned.
  • Please postmark your Chronicle by May      15th to:
    Brooklyn Art Library
    ℅ The Chronicle Project
    103A N. 3rd St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11249


Signed up for this and waiting for materials to arrive. I plan to put my piece in the garden at the Olympia Farmer’s Market.  This project is the last of the 10 special exhibits associated with the lauch of The 2012 Sketchbook Project opening reception and tour:

The Mystery Project due May 31st

What happens when you make a stranger’s day?

This week’s final free project in the 10 x 10 Series is a collaboration with our friends at Prismacolor. The Mystery Project challenges artists to experiment with the unexpected. Every participant will receive a mystery project kit, which includes a free Prismacolor Brush l Fine Art Marker in a surprise color and a secret theme to guide your work. Create a token of inspiration using the tools in your kit — it could be a drawing, a zine, a sculpture, or a collage — then install it in a public place for a stranger to discover. Just remember to document your mystery project and send us a photograph! We’ll share your creative surprises with the entire community online.

The Sketchbook Porject 2012 will stop in Portland, OR… can’t wait.  check for tour details AND sign up for The Sketchbook Project 2013!!!!