With some breaks…  the remodel continues.

Here’s the “buffet” in the dining area. Bought more Ikea cabinets, used two of the old base cabinets with new Ikea door.

almost finished…  need to tile the top. Finally unpacked all my dishes and kitchen boxes

new phone and clock – ignore the hanging wires.  When I take out the bathtub enclosure, I’ll put a better support behind the phone instead of relying on the wall board to hold it onto the wall with 2 screws.

When the counters were put in… thought the color I picked from a 2″ square was too dark and not quite a blend with cabinets and floor. I swear the sample of “Oat” I had brought home from Home Depot showed dark reddish flake in the Corian….

Now I’m more used to it… it does a good job hiding spills. The bad news – despite using a sophisticated machine and measuring by hand, the counters were off. There is a 1/4 in gap behind the apron sink that the installers chalked.  The invisible seam also isn’t invisible… Slight scratch on wood cabinet and mark on the sink.  They will take it out and redo but who knows how long that will take… so I can’t finish the back splash and when the back ordered faucet comes in, can’t put it in. patience when hauling water from the bathtub to rinse the dishes. The island is totally tidy now….

This will be the back splash… changed from the original idea as the counter is darker so the white subway style tile and round glass tiles will be brighter…

last but not least, tiled the front hall with the same tile as in the kitchen…

more to come of course… bathrooms are next. All materials have been ordered [tile, backing board, grout, bathtub and shower pan] and the rest of the replacement windows too!

and the remodel saga continues!