2013 Sketchbook Project

here it is my new sketchbook… blank & plain as can be.  I know that I will cut the spine, punch holes, and bind with cord. I may use the pages it comes with or change out the paper. The book can be 1/2 inch thick. last year mine was about that thickness but would pop open because of all the collage or drawing that I adhered to the thin pages. I put a lot of my poems in… may work at it as more of a story….. hmmmmmmmm Promise not to be last-minute this year!
My friend and fellow artist Judi went to Portland to view the 2012 Sketchbooks last Saturday May 12th… over 8,000 are traveling around the country and are on display at various places/venues..
She said it was overwhelming and she wished she had time to view more of the books.

Prior to actually seeing the display,  Judi was upset as our books have not been digitalized. After she met the “crew” she loved their adventure of traveling around the country sharing the sketchbooks. She also found out that just one fellow has the responsibility for scanning them. Surely a daunting task!

You receive an email notice when someone reads/views your book…. the books are all bar coded!

http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject sign up here for next year….

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