My application has been selected as a Project Leader for Auburn’s ArtRageous Art Festival on Saturday, August 4, 11 – 6pm!  The ArtRageous committee selected my Thaumatrope project.

I know you’re asking yourself – what is a thaumatrope?

A thaumatrope is a small disc or square, held on opposite sides of its circumference/middle by pieces of string. An image is drawn on each side of the piece and because of its placement when it  is spun, the two images appear to become superimposed. To spin the card, one string is held in a hand, and the card is rotated to wind the string. Then, both strings are held, and the card is allowed to rotate. Gently stretching the strings will ensure that they continue to unwind and rewind. This motion causes the card to rotate, first in one direction and then in the opposite. The faster the card rotates, the greater the clarity of the illusion.  Although the thaumatrope does not produce animated scenes, it relies on the same persistence of vision principle that other optical toys use to create illusions of motion.