Moonscape – collage (c)2008


Finger paint on the moon…

verbiage accompanied by lyrics;

eyes track movements across

expanse of wet paper; fingers,

palms, wrists glisten with color.

Smearing paint recalls

kindergarten hiccups

with heads down on scarred

pine tables for quiet time.

Polliwog School’s four rooms

seemed huge; coat hooks latched

onto hallway wainscoting.

Hard soled shoes had worn the

hardwood floors;  high ceilings

covered with cumulus cloud water

stains dropped plaster snowflakes.

Hated being away from my mother,

the half day crawled until the walk

home through quiet 1950 era homes.

The teacher intimidated me…

from underweight to overweight

within one school year – ten months –

smearing finger paint I paint the moon.