In-between talking to art friends at the POSSCA annual Artists’ Gargae Sale, I scribbled – honest, it was a scribble… I forgot my reading glasses!  Anyway I wrote my observations…



Voice crackles…

Static response;

Overuse is responsible.

Rare to talk this much…

Relinquished public

Studio life quiet.

Today on display,

Voice compromised

Over congestive babble.

Checking the clock,

solitude soon renewed …


Both Ways


Interesting how one can be so invisible.

People’s eyes slip and slide over artist and display.

What will catch their eye? Mine?

I have to laugh.

The passing skim sends slight vibrations…

Not enough for acknowledgement

But just enough to tickle the soul.

Does it work both ways?



Myopic Haze


Almost an optical illusion

wherever I look… myopic haze.

Auric waves without color

Issue soft multiple images

from human, animal or object.

Myopia’s pleasant glow is

A result of forgotten glasses.

Actually – my world feels better this way…

Not one sharp edge to inflict pain.


Closing a Sale…


Need to take a Dale Carnegie class…

do they offer them anymore?

Presentation, self-esteem and more,

my mother took one at an adult evening

school to help with her real estate work.

She put Dale’s lessons into action

by closing on many property sales.


Potential art purchasers today browsed

contentedly choosing several items

Only to walk away with an I’ll-be-back.

Unlike The Terminator they did not return.

I did my best schmoozing… replete

with balanced eye contact practiced with friends.


Internet savvy… I found with a few clicks

that Dale’s secrets can be learned online.

Win friends… influence people– that’s for me…

increase sales… time management – need that too.

The hitch: prohibitive cost…

well, I can always get the book from the library.

Stay tuned… eventually I’ll learn to close a sale…