Was getting ready to ship this for :

Wish You Were Here 11 – June 21 – July 15, 2012 – Reception: Thursday, June 21, 6 – 8:30 pm A.I.R.

Title -Misty Rabbit Moon – I didn’t like that there was a fold showing up on one of the pieces of paper [see original below]. Next thing I know, I tore the lower section apart! The circle that the “moon” is glued to is more of a gold but I’m not having any luck scanning or photographing to equal the actual colors which show up better in the original photo.

Compare the revised above to the original below:

Interesting what difference a year will make when revisiting creative work whether it’s a written piece or visual art, etc…. Definitely has more life with the red and gold bits.

I mailed it but not sure if it will get there fast enough…
interesting – I just checked the date from the announcement and it says Sat June 1st…. hmmmm so do they mean Friday or June 2nd…   Anyway I was averse to paying $25.00 for guaranteed shipping!!!!! [averse is the wrong word… more like I’m thrifty that sounds better than being broke/poor]  I notice that obviously shipping costs are increasing and arrival time seems to lengthening!  So I sent it first class mail… should have stuck it in a priority box.

 HINT – leave plenty of time to ship things before the deadline postmark/arrival.  That should be a d-oh but I seem to be really loosing track/being space cadet about the date lately  ^..^


More info about the fundraiser:

Last year’s exhibit featured work by over 400 artists from as far afield as Australia and Guyana and included the work of notable artists such as Yoko Ono and Dottie Attie. This year we hope you will join us in our mission to provide leadership and community to women in the arts by exhibiting your work in Wish You Were Here 11. All the proceeds of this exhibition help fund our programs, including our Fellowship Program for under represented and emerging women artists.

Each donated card will be labeled and a list of participating artists will be made available to gallery visitors.

All postcards will be priced at $45 including New York State sales tax.

This year all sales will be CASH or CREDIT & CARRY only.
LOCATION:  A.I.R. Gallery – 111 Front Street #228,  Brooklyn NY 11201  http://www.airgallery.org/