Here’s the description for my mandala workshop…  Most participants finished three small pieces.

Introduction to Mandalas  Ages: 16 and up Saturday June 2 from 9 to 3 pm  The word “mandala” is a Sanskrit word that is over 2300 years old, translated as “circle” or “sacred center.”  Circular patterns have been used throughout time in many cultures, including Tibetan and Native American, as tools for centering and healing. In this workshop, we explore the history of mandala patterns and create our own personal mandala, using oil pastel, colored pencil and collage. Using principles of geometry and symmetry present in nature, along with your own personal creativity, you will come away with new knowledge of yourself. This should be a time to let go, to play with color and design, and to have fun.


These were the tree projects that they completed…

Word Spiral:

Color background with watercolor wash – using a writing exercise to prompt, start in center; write in clockwise direction all the way to outside edge. [stream of consciousness writing]

4 Rad [Quarter] Design:

Design one quarter of a four quarter circle.  Using a light box, trace the “pie” design section in all four quarters on the base paper. Select a color schemes: Warm [red/yellow/orange] Cool [blue, green, purple] earth tones [green, yellow, tan, gray, umbra, ocher, ect.]

4 to 8 Rad Geometric Collage:

Using a variety of papers [color/patterns] create 4 to 8 geometric shapes [circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals].  Design a pattern for one or two “rads” include overlapping.

Below is the collage that I started using a metal shape for the circle shapes. Think the metal piece was from an egg poacher.

plan the design

I was able to trace and impress a line for the tree shapes and leaves.

Took a long time to cut out the “open” shapes and started to color the tree trunks and leaves. May use a paper punch on the “loops” or may play and make it look like knot work…  not sure for now.

am thinking of mounting the watercolor paper mandala design onto this scrapbooking paper as a background. still a long way before finishing…

It was a good day for an inside class as light to medium rain squalls kept rolling in. The classroom has a great view of Percival Landing and West side hill/sky line.

stay well and keep creating…