Wow – I sure was run ragged by escaping time! I was teaching kid’s art classes and trying to finish up the remodel…



Hate waiting –
should have called…
really tired.
When were we supposed to meet?
Don’t want to wait…
how long do I sit?
The borrowed phone is…
out of juice.

Sparrows chirp a bird Morris code –
hopping to their dots and dashes,
they dart from ground to tree.
Leaves shelter them form rain…
rain again – in two days, July is soggy!
Birds find puddles – dots and splashes.

OK – nature observations are over.
Pulling out of the parking lot,
thoughts drizzle at being stood up…



Close your eyes…

childhood games

being invisible.

Cats do it…

sit so still

eyes slit to the world.

Furry rock

except for the tail waggle.

When I sit still

only tail waggle

belongs to…

a lap kitty.

We’re invisible

with our eyes

sealed against the world.



Open eyes blurred darkness;
sleepless tango with blankets.
Leaking roof echoes waterfall.

Cat conveys a twitch to me;
deep asleep without remorse
for playful kills of mice and birds.

I regret my inadvertent kills.
A few darting cats or swooping
birds met my cars wheels.

Windshield has taken its toll
of innocent insects; I used to fish.
Sorry worms… remorse in blurred dark.



Lonely morning star
stay near to me.
Sun is rising;
you fade behind persuasive glow.
I’ll stay near to you; although this
tenuous connection is lost in light.
Happiness found sitting by the sea;
significance achieved through
dawn’s grace finding me there.


AKA – Also Known As

Lurching from room to room…
mimicking pirate Jack Sparrow AKA Johnny Depp,
the vertigo had disconnected rational movement.
A wind-up-toy with a crimped spring, she grabbed
onto whatever was convenient to steady her passage.
Now if she could regain quirky sensibilities… her wit was
wobbling; taking care, she laughed without tilting her head.
Slightly drunken swagger was only slightly amusing;
stomach reeled as if a plunging roller coaster was her mode
of transportation replete with those flailing hand gestures.
Dedicated to an upright position with an unbalanced inner ear life,
slow motion seemed to be the key – after all…
everything is better with a good montage.

7/5/2012 Team America World Police (2004) Matt Stone and Trey Parker “everything is better with a good montage”.