Started by spraying the edges with spray paint… silver this time.

label gluing

Just finished gluing on the info and contact info tag – took 45 minutes to glue them onto 100 blocks.  I use Yes Paste watered down with distilled water… not too much water.

glued, stacked, protected from cat sleeping on them

drying in the new studio which doesn’t look like a studio due to all the odd furniture out there. Can’t move the heavy cabinets myself but the studio will be a work in progress…

painting mini Sumi-e

Have about and hour & a half to paint mini Sumi-e before I go present an Arts to Remember project at an Alzheimer facility…

Trying to get back into the groove of art production. Tonight it’s glue the paintings on and finish with cellophane. Goal to ship tomorrow and order more blocks!!!!

There was a time when vending machines dispensing cigarettes could be found everywhere. Those days are gone in the US leaving thousands of cigarette machines standing empty.

In 1997 artist Clark Whittington found a use for those empty machines. Winston-Salem, North Carolina lies in the middle of tobacco road and is the home of Artists in Cellophane  and Art-o-mat. Whittington has taken some of the empty cigarette machines and refurbished them to dispense something that is much healthier and more pleasing to the eye – art.

Today the art-o-mat machines can be seen in some 90 US cities, Quebec, and Vienna dispensing artwork from over 200 Art in Cellophane artists. Art-o-mat offers small pieces of art for just a few dollars giving everyone the chance to own a piece of fine art.  Art-O-Mat – Winston-Salem : NC : USA                     | Nov 01, 2010 at  8:31 PM PDT        By