between a 6 week adventure in discomfort toward the end of teaching this summer, a weird 24 hour thing last Wednesday,and on Thursday – giving dogzz a bath in which I ended up throwing out my back – honest I thought I’d be stuck for a long time kneeling on the bath room floor,  then sciatica on Friday-  I finally started to work on the two “collage” entries for the Sidney Art Gallery. Show will be held from 9/4/2012 through 9/29/2012 with artists reception on 9/9/2012 from 1 to 4 pm. Prize for People’s
Choice. Starting… blank 12X12″ canvas with wrapped edges.

Design #1 working on the back ground


working on background


adding handmade paper




design background #2


not happy with this…

So I started #3 – not happy with this cut out sketch…

but it had made a nice mountain type illusion when I pulled it off. Note: I used another of my embedded face circular handmade paper unit. The lump shape next to the moon hand cast face are heather flower heads under a layer of paper.
Finally finished at 3:30am. love the flow of the tree branches…


Rhabdomacy: divination by divining rod

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