I’ve completed 6 mini collages for the Ouija Board Exhibit… haven’t named them yet hence the numbers 1-6. When I was working on the collages, I was thinking of the veil that separates the spirit world from the physical living. Two will be framed in 7″X5″ , two in 6″X6″ and the last two in 8″X6″ or 6″X8″ shadow box frames.

I made the one below when I was teaching a collage class. mounted it on a gold foil background.

trimmed and on a backing baord

Mini collage #2:

starting #2

below finished

#2 fini


like the arrangement


better background

#3 finished


begin #4


working it out



#5 start


#6 finished – forgot to take a start photo…


Info about the exhibit:

Krab Jab Studio is hosting a group show in October, with the theme being the Ouija, or Talking Board. Art can be an artist’s interpretation of a board, or art inspired by the Ouija board. Opening/Halloween party is October 13, 2012 and the show runs through the first week of November.

Julie Baroh, Krab Jab Studio,  5628 Airport Way South, Ste 246,  Seattle, WA  98108

www.krabjabstudio.com  www.facebook.com/krabjabstudio