she sang

The music of the church spoke her soul language…
being in the choir she was sustained by harmonic vibration.
Hymns were tightly woven into the texture of who she was;
these songs would always be within until the end because
she sang from her indoctrinated soul…



Child Mind and Serendipity…

Watching the clouds shape shift,
recognizable to wind displacement
with little time to use her aging imagination.
World was spinning too fast; sometimes
it made her ache for childhood’s long days;
autumn was nipping ferociously at her heels.
Moon phases twirled faster and faster;
tiresome and stupid advice dogged her.
Don’t walk at night by yourself;
you should or you shouldn’t…
on and on without fail till her ears were numb.
Walking slowly staring at the night sky,
fairytale fragments echoed visual memories
of bedtime storybooks without words.
Her aspirations circumnavigated the silent sky;
a course was set for child mind and serendipity.


Without a Word

Laser beam voice burnt vertebrae
causing posture to collapse; this deflating
balloon with crepe paper skin ranted on…
the intensity of sarcastic falsetto was wearing.
If her mother knew what she was saying, she’d
be mortified by the habitual nastiness.
The kindness was long gone; impatience
had replaced grace and calm demeanor.
Not that mom had been flagrant in speaking
out; firm to her compassionate beliefs, she had
been a great example of soft steady progress.
Cringing under waves of persecution, love
was challenged by catastrophic debilitation.
It was harder and harder to visit her mother;
decision made, she nodded to the staff;
without a word she walked away…



Summer sun did not
entice her outside into its glare.
Residual warmth of evening
air did more to revive her spirit.
Fragrances of pine drift through
an open window calling night
restoration peculiar to her circadian rhythms.                       9/7/2012

Full pockets

Slithering stealth breakdowns…
sneaking into chore day,
a squawking vibrato repeats
its mocking across the ether.
Fault lines fill pockets with obscure
comfort; the known invisible failures…



He left my body somewhere in the sands of time;
derelict frame abandoned to slowly rot on water’s edge.
Shifting, my sifting soul once cherished life and did nothing
unholy on this exit day; wrong place…
wrong time, or was the end predetermined?
Either way, someone shortened my journey by cutting out
a beating heart for a trophy…
there was no negating or denying sadness and grief imposed
by the perpetrated abrupt departure.
Lingering, there wasn’t a feeling of satisfying completion…
putting my heart in a jar was the perfect solution for his collection.


Something Soothing

Tucking in bed covers,
night’s dreams were kept warm
while nightmares kept vision alive.
Sitting here till the sun sets…
a pseudo spiritual journey
waits to be born in deep sleep.
Rehearsing uncharted territory,
renewable as jumping into her
flannel nightgown and not being
afraid of advancing age, condition
or something soothing that gnaws the heart…