Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. My daughter et all came up from Portland and spent the night… now it is way to quiet in my little house!

Forget the Brocoli – it’s turkey for meow….

Three weekends ago I participated in the Mt Green Holiday Bazar where I sold a few items. It was a dry run for the next weekend’s sale as I don’t normally set up for bazar/festival art sales. It was a Friday and saturday sale and on Saturday when there was quiet times, I painted small Sumi-e for the Holiday and regular 7″X5″ blank note cards. I actually painted 71 of those minis.

Then on Sunday and Monday, I filled in the color, adhered them to base paper and then onto the card stock. Last year I adhered directly to the red or green cardstock and it bleed. Note – always test your glue/colored cardstock/Sumi-e paper…

The POSSCA/Friend of Olympia TRL Holiday Sale was a great sale and I was surprised what sold. I brought a mixture of art: PMC jewelry, holiday and regular subject blank note cards, matted Sumi-e originals, and mini “cubicle” collages… Was fun talking to everyone – wore out my voice!

The remodel, as anyone will tell you, took more time than originally thought. It feels great to be creating art again after doing so much remodel work myself. embarrassed to say I hadn’t been down to Traditions to check my cards since last December!!!!!  I brought 10 holiday and 10 regular subject original Sumi-e new cards to Tradition in Olympia on Wednesday.  http://www.traditionsfairtrade.com

Last Sunday I went to Bainbridge Island to do a demo at the Wyatt House for the senior residents. I dropped off 40 cards – Holiday, regular and hanging mini “scroll” Sumi-e.   http://www.bacart.org

My “studio” [former enclosed deck] is almost ready for creating jewelry. I will need to insulate the floor sometime in the future to make the space useable during the cold/rain season but for now I can fire my PMC or fire enamel and not freeze too badly!

So all in all, I created approximately 100 new holiday and regular whimsical Sumi-e cards, scanned them all and sized them for posting. Painting them seems so much easier than all the prep for posting!  I did purchase Elements 11 which is much easier to use. As I correct the images, I spent a lot of time adding them on products for my Zazzle shop as well as adding many new images to Fine Art America site.

Remember – Shop Local and Support your Artists!



PS – my oldest cat, Gandalf, has  declined rapidly the few days. It’s so hard when a best cat friend  gets so ill and is preparing to leave his body behind..