Wearing gray…

matching gray skies,

forsaking color –

hell with it!

That this could happen

when it wasn’t on a to-do-list;

without shame

such deep sadness

hides beneath smiles.

We all want to be loved;

looking back over romances…

twice in love and so long ago.

Both instances blindly condensed

unaware of fraudulent masks.

Since then safe –

safe but empty…

there is no one.

No feeling fills

self-abandoned heart…

hell with it!



Just When

In rhythm with the universe,

stars are out tonight;

the air is crisp.

Short break between storms…

tomorrow is a whisper away.

Here words gather to fit the day;

gathering existence…

breaking out of a cocoon,

they are all too little,

too shallow,

too trite.

The world was over just when

caterpillar became a butterfly;

today simply does not exist.



Without question

Through a lens opening

surroundings  are viewed;

selected segments…

bit and pieces of the whole

denies the obvious setting.

Encompassing the specific,

the details –

minuscule fractures –

captured in multiple clicks;

open aperture accepts

images without question.





Gray clouds shame the sun into hiding;

heavy winter’s rain pours down.

Rivulets race from gravity’s curse.

Saving grace is neighbor’s twinkling

holiday strands wrapped in tree branches.

The grim daylight fades into early darkness.

Rainbow hues reflect on black asphalt,

fill puddles with glee, bringing life

into lackluster surroundings…