Nine Lives Studio News:


Welcome to the New Year… after completing a total interior house remodel

[well… OK, I still have a must-finish-it list], I have begun focusing on creating

art.  I enjoyed making quite a few Block Prints and original Sumi-e seasonal

and regular cards which I sold at a couple of local festivals and my regular venues

of Bainbridge Arts & Crafts in Bainbridge Island, WA and Traditions Café in Olympia, WA.

I have posted those new images on Fine Art America and Zazzle.


I have been working with the challenge of cyber connecting. Social media is

like throwing a pebble in a pond and watching all the ripples interconnect.

Here are my sites:


I also have updated my banner on Fine Art America… so much to learn all the time

and that is great.


I have also been working on my Zazzle shop and have begun separating

the more traditional Sumi-e into a Zen Ink shop.  I also hope to make a separate Christmas

shop with the realization of how long it will take to switch merchandise from one to the

other… a long time because it’s one-at-at-time thing!

Next I need to add more creations to my Etsy PMC Jewelry store…

I am getting excited for the prospects of this New Year. I feel refreshed and ready to push

forward as I know I slacked off with the declining economy.  So many of my classes last

year were canceled for lack of enrollment let alone very few art sales but my original cards

sell well and keep my skills moving forward and my imagination in full swing.


I’m finishing my submission for the 2013 Sketchbook Project. The deadline is 1/15…

Where does the time go?

This mini site has my class list:


Wishing everyone the best in 2013…

Keep arting…

Ellen aka Nine Lives Studio